VIT- through my eyes!

May,2008- I happened to stumble upon two of my Friends’ conversation about them applying to VIT. My world came crashing in, as ‘we’ had thought that we would apply to places together, do our masters together. I had only a week in hand to get the application form, but when the day came to send the filled in form, I was faced with a double bandh, everything was uncertain..The day came when the selection list was published and I was called for the interview. I thanked my stars.
June,2008- Went to Vellore for the interview. Over two days in train, studying for the interview, me and Pounami, so much of anticipation building up.
The day came, ranks were given, lucky to scrape through. Chose Biomedical Genetics over Microbio. Could see my dream of carrying on with Cancer taking shape.
July,2008- 7th july our 1st sem classes start.I get my room in Syu Ki block,a 6bedded one,my rum mates-Pounami,Divya,Harika,Chandrika,Ipshita.It took me almost a sem to befriend people.I was still reviving from the shock I had got..
1st sem was about studies-a great biochem professor, a horrible notes savvy cell bio lecturer, and I was introduced into a world of colors!(we had to use colored pens for drawing!)
1st sem was also about the spooky block.I remember those frightened sleepless nights,I remember being homesick,I remember crying to return home..then all of a sudden the sem came to an end.
December,2008- 2nd sem classes started.Slowly I started making friends,we formed the 1st benchers group- AACID- Avipsa(the serious one), Anila(the bubbly one), Charu(the crackpot), Ipshi(the cute one) and me! We rocked- boring classes, a pj loving lecturer, assignments, seminars. Meanwhile we moved into Ida Scudder block, E-106. Started gelling with Chandu nights, gossips together, room was fun!
June,2009- had to come back early from the vacations for the cancer genetics classes of Dr.Hande!! Those were fun days, food at special mess, chitchats, group seminars and the hi-tech CAT!
July,2009- 3rd sem and the best of all! We did maximum fun- Conferences, seminars, lecture series and of course Gravitas! Our biobusiness plan(Alchemist), Superevolution, guessing the killer-we had a brainstorming session! Stats class, the sleepy DG classes(Avi’s Cadbury’s gems were a savior!), a scholarship, SHAH’s b’day bash, Chandu and me shifting to another room,E406, our photosessions, having the time of our lives..satisfying!
Then, the day of farewell came, suddenly everything came to a standstill. Tears, best wishes, embraces, hugs..time to depart.
December,2009- 6months project at IICB.
March,2010- Mid review time. We were meeting up after a long time, memories came rushing back. Had a lovely time together.
June,2010- Final review. Friends reassemble together for the final time-last stay at hostel, hostel food, late night chats, studying together-everything came to an end.
VIT has been a life changing experience-lots of positivity in it. I have grown here mentally and earned many- some lifelong friends, some life lasting experiences with brilliant scientists the world over, b’day bashes, a movie bank and loads more.
There have been some set backs, but when does it not happen? Love it or hate it, one simply can’t ignore it! VIT was really a place to be- amazing campus, great atmosphere, genuinely great hostel life..Lived a lifetime here!


Would proudly like to say- ‘Once a VITian, always a VITian’! Wish could have turned back time.




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