When You Were Not Around..

There was this strange emptiness when you were not around.

Everything was in place-

The work benches occupied,

The canteen buzzing,

The clock running on time.

Everything seemed to be in perfect harmony,

Yet all seemed to be lacking something.


My mornings always begun with seeing your radiant smile,

As I made way to my desk, I longingly looked at you;

It was but an empty chair.

My heart dropped in a thud.


When I got a positive result, I enthusiastically looked at you,

Expecting a charming smile and a word of praise,

But my eyes met only with an empty chair.


Whenever I got stumped by a problem, I turned to you for assistance,

To see your eyes intently listen to it, your fingers rubbing against each other,

Then your lips parting to give a smile, and you explaining the solution to me.

But what I saw was an empty chair.


When I faced some sort of trouble, I came back to you with piles of complaints.

To see your brows knit with worry, and to find you shaking your head in dismay.

But all the while a smile on your face, as if encouraging me not to give up or give in.

But I didn’t find all this,

All I found was an empty chair.


It was strange but whatever situation I was in,

I could picture you wearing a smile.

I figured your smile was my safe haven,

My strength.

It can mask my mistakes, heighten my happiness, celebrate my triumph.


But when you were not around, that smile was missing.

And so was my happiness.



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