Wish I Was Her…

I am not jealous of her, don’t envy her or curse her;

I just wish to be her.

Just wish that I could spend years with you that would stretch on to eternity.

She reminds me of the closeness between the two of you,

Just wish I could bear that testimony of love.

I am not intimidated by her, nor am I afraid

I just wish I was with you the way she is now.

Just wish time would come to a standstill whilst you are around.

I don’t wish to compete with her, nor do I despise her

I just wish you would look at me the same way as you look at her.

Just wish you would give me the same nod of appreciation,

Smile at my imperfection; laud my worthiness- the exact way as you did hers.

I wish her well, in all that she does.

For she is perfect for you in every way.

I wish for that perfection.


I wish to find solace in your heart warming smile,

To wipe out all tiredness,forget all sorrows.

I wish to feel vindicated.

I wish to sit beside you,a warm cup of coffee in hand

And keep listening to you,wonder filled in my eyes.

I wish to learn from you,all that you know.

I wish to just keep on staring at you,without any reason,

To conquer my fears.

I wish to forget all my worldly worries,win over all my pains.

Your eyes does that for me!

I wish I could rest my tired soul looking at them.


I wish you would never leave me stranded and go.

I wish I was the one you would look forward to return home early to.

I wish I could forget all my fears and get lost in your thoughts,

I wish I would be able to share it with you.

I wish I would close my eyes,and could still feel you by my side.

I wish you would walk me home,hand in hand;

Wish I would talk to you non stop and tell you everything that I have always wanted to.


Its a fancy wish, one that won’t ever come true.

But I wish for this wish to get fulfilled.






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