Musings of an idle mind

The mind wanders, delving into the deep;

The deep of uncertainty.

Uncertain of how my present will unfold,

What other surprises will it spring back at me.

As I sit on this desk,pondering upon what’s in store,

My mind wanders.


Since morning, I have been juggling my mind

with the limited options of engagement.

But that did not help keep me from drifting into his thoughts once in a while.

Now as I write, he overpowers me.

My mind succumbs to the agony of his aloofness.


I look out through the window, trying to keep “him” away,

The lazy streets, sleepy afternoon skies greet my tired eyes.

I look out at them with a strange numbness,

And all I am reminded of is him.


How his absence brings everything to a halt!

Life seems to be crawling slowly, deprived of the zeal to survive.

I join in the momentary merriment in my surroundings and laugh a while;

But my mind isn’t joyous.

Its filled with the gloom of his separation.


Why does my eyes crave to see him?

Why does it feel that a glimpse of his smile,

Can infuse back life into my distressed soul?

Perhaps some questions are best left unanswered.



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