Come Back,King

SRK or Shark (as I fondly started calling him many moons ago) is my extended family.My grandma calls him her “Naath Jamai” or grandson-in-law in bengali,my mom gets irked as she suspects that I care for him more than I do for her,my dad knows he is the only way to his daughter’s heart,my boyfriend has come to terms after 5 years that I literally ‘live in’ with Mr.Khan,and my friends and colleagues at my work place knows that if there is one door to knock at for free cake and dinner that would be mine on the 2nd of November.So many restaurants in Kolkata are witness to my SRK craze..What is it that makes him so special for me? I dont have a definitive answer..but he has been my companion of 17 long years.The patient ear to my hour long monologues,Shah has been in my thoughts that I take to bed at night and the freshness of the morning sun.He is everywhere,he is a part of my existence.He is my motivation,my ideal,my zeal to excel in life,my first love..Any day is incomplete without seeing or talking or thinking about him! I wont say I miss you,for you are always with me,but come back Shah..this place gives an opportunity to actually participate in a dialogue with you,and not just in my head.I love you.I love you with every fragment of my being.


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