Can’t stop thinking about you..

Today was a good day!All the anticipations met with a satisfying answer-work and else.
Didnt believe two days could seem so long and arduous,until today.His presence felt like a fresh breeze through a parched isle.
But such is the state of affairs,can’t think about him without my conscience constantly tugging at my heart.
Can’t let my gaze linger for more than a minute or maybe two.
Can’t blush on seeing him smile at me.
Can’t want to spend some time more in his company.
Can’t feel let down when he walks away in the middle of a conversation.
Can’t get jealous when he speaks to others jovially for hours together.
Can’t shed a tear if he misunderstands me.
Can’t squeal with joy when he calls me up after an entire day of being away.
Can’t, just can’t let go of his thoughts,they keep on invading my resolve.


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