The thoughts of you…

I drift into countless thoughts as the train chugs through the pitch black night..
Theres a thought about you make me dream of a spectacular now and a surreal tomorrow.
Theres a thought cloud with my name on fearlessly I soar in the skies which are not mine. But then,the sky is for all to fly.
And then comes a thought about us… I am shaken back to reality by the screeching halt of the local.
Was there really any ‘us’ in this entire dream-tale?
Wasn’t it mere flights of fantasy of my hapless heart which lay throbbing at your feet?
Why do I live in constant fear of losing someone who has never been mine?
There has never been an US,my stupid mind!
It has just been me and my utterly smitten mind conjuring up thoughts about him,all along..
The veil of imagination slowly lifts up and my thoughts wane,smiling and chiding at how insane I have been!


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