Midnight ramblings

Its so weird that every time I try to uproot you from my conscience,you keep crawling back in..
A single upward curve of your lips,a flash of glimmer in your eyes is all it takes to throw me back under your mesmerizing spell..
I try and try hard not to read in between the unspoken lines,not to look from the corner of my eyes to figure out why your brows are knit in worry..
I bend over backwards to stop myself from slamming the desk to display my displeasure when you are engrossed in an animated conversation with someone else..
Its comical how each time you break my heart,I swear that I am over you but the very next day you talk to me (like the good old days),I go scurrying back to the comfort of your thoughts..
Its unfair that here I am lying on my bed wide awake,(with a terrible flu,)with a head full of the whys I should stop thinking about you and a confused mind full of the why nots; and you are there somewhere in the middle of a beautiful dream of your perfectly happy life unaware that someones waking nights for you..


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