October 3rd- Rekindled.

One mesmerizing look,few heart melting smiles
later,it felt like the old times again..
The oddest of places,the completely unromantic
setup..yet a sudden meeting of eyes,unaware,and
my heart beat so fast I almost felt it throbbing in my
throat! It felt like old times,again..
For once,I was candid,not overtly thinking before
speaking..for once I could smile and tease,and blush
on being teased..it felt like old times again,after
many,many months (a year)..
I was happy and bouyant,yet a little cautious,lest I
got swept in glee and did something
unmindful..some hidden glances over,and I knew it
was like old times again…
But then came the parting,and it didnt end well..for
it reminded me that the good,old days are not here
to stay…


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