If only you could see through the forced smiles,read
those sad eyes,understand what was left
unsaid..You chose to look straight through
If only I could turn the time back by a year..You
would still be the same today as I saw you on a rain
sprayed September afternoon.
Losing you was inevitable,never fathomed it would
happen so early..As much as I console
myself,present my heart with false hopes,I have lost
I have lost the freedom that I felt while talking to
you,lost the innocent moments when we
gossiped,lost the times when I got engrossed in
your mind numbing knowledge,lost the countless
instants when we could understand things without
It all seems so labored,so routine,so much lacking in
soul these days..and to make things worse,you don’t
bother to notice it even.
Perhaps,one day you might realize what has lost
between us..but the fact is you may never feel my
absence,but for me its hard to replace you..


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