Happy 48th, Mr. Life!

397490_10151938014950480_1961447279_nDear Kingface,

So here it comes- the most awaited day of the year for me,the only festival of mine that I celebrate- your birthday! Its a carnival,really..I hope you do know the craze that goes around the 2nd of November.I am sure you do J

This year was scary.You got a surgery,AGAIN..My injury magnet,please keep safe. When I saw the screen caps of your new movie and heard all those stunts were done by you,my heart skipped several beats! I know movies are your drug..but try to be a little gentle with yourself.

Its been 16 long years, and I keep telling you to quit smoking and you don’t. So, go on breaking my heart this year too as I ask you to please stop lighting the death stick. And as you do, remember you are snatching away those few minutes of remembering/thinking about you or seeing you (coz you know right,I donot like to look at the people I love with a cigarrette shoved in their mouth!)

Earlier this year when you went on a sabbatical from twitter, I got so angry on those people whose hate forced you to not letting your opinions out..I cannot get how people can politicize someone like you? But I am happy that you are writing a column in DNA and you started it out with my sunsign! 😀 The wait for your book to come out is becoming agonizingly painful..so hurry,please! Okay so I can’t complain much now as I get your tweets on my mobile every day,so its kind of a crazy thing that happens thinking you are actually texting me..and like always your tweets seem tailor made for every kind of situation I am in!

I have decided not to count your age this year onwards (so no numerical candles) as you make me believe that man can defy his age! What have you done to you? I mean,you look so astronomically handsome in almost every shoot of yours! Your grace and beauty radiates 24×7 out of you! Your eyes (simply can’t stop gushing about them)- there’s beautiful lines around them, reminds me of the years I have known you J

I picked up a new habit, made new friends this year and guess what is the common factor? YOU. I fail to understand how my entire world encircles around you! I honor the place in you of light, of love, of peace, of truth..You’ve helped me, allowed me to become who I am & who I want to be. You’ve sheltered me, within you I’ve found me. So, thank you…I owe you. You drive me. You are the endorphins in my head, the fuel in my tank, the belief in my being, adrenaline in my veins..you are all that and more.

I want you to have everything tangible and intangible..every heart, award, praise, record.. You make me the most happy I am capable of being. I pray from the depths of my being that you get the kind of happiness you give.

Love you to bits and pieces and crumbs and atoms, have fun making the world swoon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, muffin! ❤


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