A trip to remember..

Moments make up our lives.Big,petty,happy or sad..they remain engraved in our memories for a good amount of time.
An ensemble of moments were created in the past two days as we embarked on our first lab trip. Amidst all skepticism (mostly mine,build up due to futile planning over a year and a half),we finally pulled it off!
A lot was banking on this journey..I had a few issues to be sorted out and while some took shape nicely,others just made me realise that I am beyond repair.
“We” bonded.The we which had been missing because of some individual fall outs.The We which was important for the healthy functioning of our professional family.
Never been a fan of seasides,but this time the “side” bit was enticing.While we played football on the beach (with our advisor joining in too),I spent sometime today in the company of red crabs playing hide and seek,the muted anguish of the wave crests,the gentle yet firmly ground casurinas and the solitude.
We had a bonfire (result of immense hard work of two guys),played games around it-our laughter piercing through the midnight fog.Deep into the night,we further bridged our communication gap.
It was on the journey back to our routine lives that I realized how moments make us both powerful and paralyzed at the same time.How resolve melts away,how some people like habits just can’t be grown out of,and just how addicted human mind is towards melancholy (no matter how hard it tries to put up a pompous show of joy hunting).
Some moments are meant for a lifetime.


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