Have you ever been in a submarine?

There is a lot of gray.

Gray vessel, gray pipes, gray architecture;

There is a vast, gray ocean out there to crush you like a tin can.

My life is synonymous with this gray.

So you can imagine how it would be like, to be up here;

To see you.

You are like a platter with all the colors of the rainbow,

You add a dash of color to the canvas of my life;

You paint it with your smile.

It’s dazzling sometimes to see my life in multicolor,

When you get so used to a monochromatic scheme of things,

You need some time to acclimatize with the sudden change.

I am trying to soak in this change.

But, I am awry.

You know it is overwhelming to accept things which are good out of a sudden, but you gladly do that.

But once you have to switch back to the life that you had left behind, it pains.

I am aware that you are not a constant feature in my life,

That one day you will fade away, but for all your spectrum of colors.

Yet I desperately try to hold on to you,

In an attempt to forever be in this world of colors.

To be amidst the vibrant reds and the peaceful greens;

To be soaked in the calming blue and the blissful pink.

I want to break free from my monotony.

And you are my key.

You are the artist who holds the brush that can paint my future being,

The colors that can fill in the voids, the emptiness.

Ones that make me realize that the ugly terrains can be beautified,

Instilled with colors that inspire to live.




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