The Bucket List

She had but five years to live, and he was her bucket list.

*She wished not to let go even a single minute of the eight hours of his company each day.


The gloom, the despair that the world had bestowed upon her,

She found that waning in his presence.


From the very first day of his advent in her life, hope and aspirations had begun to build a nest in the dusty corridors of her mind.

And as time passed, his effervescence grew and so did the haven;

Where she safely put away all the negativities, all the sorrows,

That got processed and revamped into little packets of joy.


However, the world isn’t a fair place to stay,

It almost turned back her happiness far away,

But he was an alchemist who brought her back from the dead;

An angel who had a magical effect on her,

For every time he was present, her mood brightened up and she was in good spirits.

And his absence brought upon gloom.


Even though she seemed to be happy in her world of hide and seek, she knew;

She had but five years to live, and he was her bucket list.


At times she was mesmerized by his goodness, and wondered if he had any flaw,

But all that she could gather was he was perfect.

Perfect not only for her, but for any girl.

A thorough gentleman he was, never did he raise his voice on anyone.

He was the perfect foil for every mistake, a healing touch for every bruise.

Every hour that she spent with him seemed to be an eternity.

A perpetuity of knowledge, righteousness and virtue.

She felt herself metamorphose as she soaked in his goodness.


He wasn’t aware of her fondness for him,

And she didn’t want to flaunt it as well.

But she couldn’t keep it with her too,

And every time she saw him, her eyes lit up.

A smile played on her lips, and unaware she blushed.


He had slowly become her habit and even when he was away,

She would imagine how he would have reacted-

How his brows would knit in worry when some troublesome news reached,

How his eyes would widen in amusement or how he turned turnip red when complimented!

His face was a whole world of emotions,

And she chose and picked her favorite ones at ease.


She knew it was not to last long, that she should distance herself

But the present was so full of life, she was ready to die several deaths thereafter.

She knew he was unattainable, but she never wanted to possess him.

She was hurt when he wasn’t caring enough, shed tears when he looked through her.

But she never yearned to be with him her entire life.


For her, his essence was enough.

His heady presence, his cherished words, his outshining brilliance sufficed.

And his eyes brimming with his smile.

She could see the entire universe in them.


She was living beyond survival with him around.

Five years later she would tick that off her bucket list.






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