To the Super Woman of my Life!

923253_10151551439555480_1908867997_nToday it’s being celebrated worldwide as Mother’s Day and companies over the world are milking our emotions to rake in profits. Is it really sufficient to demarcate a single day for the one character that has been scripted to be the most effortlessly efficient?
I couldn’t help but write a few lines about mine. My Maa probably does the most thankless job of all in the family. Apparently its her “duties”,so all that I have known of her is this woman who not only cooks,cleans and dusts but also one who travels 5 hours a day to earn for her family.
A woman so ruthlessly independent yet so profoundly bound to her family. The creases on her forehead speaks about her toils, that tired smile she puts up essays the several struggles in her life; those bright eyes that has seen us grow up,still sparkles at her daughters’ achievements.
And all those times that she might have chided us, we revolted thinking she was being unkind. Never giving a thought that all she wanted was our betterment and well being. That’s all she has ever thought. Never worrying about her own merriment, always egging us on, slaying even her minutest of desires just for the sake of her family.
It takes a lot to become a Mother. Mine is the most perfect make! Love you so much Maa and hope that I go on to become a better daughter someday.


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