The King of my Heart!

Once upon a time,in a land where oppression hovered above like a ominous cloud,there lived a King.He didn’t inherit the kingship and neither was he born to one.He had made his own kingdom that spread across million hearts the world over..
In one corner of his vast kingdom there was a girl,whose heart the kindness of the king had touched.As she grew up,her fondness for the King grew by leaps and much so that she lost her heart to him.
When she grew enough for the world to rob her off her innocence,for her to become heart broken,not being able to come to terms with the hypocrisy and duality of the people surrounding her;she found her solace in her King.
For every fall,she found inspiration in him..the way he paved his way through all the hardships and struggles. For every tear,she turned to him for her daily dose of cheer. For every dagger that was sent ripping through her heart,she found her healing touch in his soothing eyes..
Her life,her struggles,her joys and sorrows..everything revolved around him. She knew her dream was unattainable and she never really had any desire to get to him..she was happy being with him all the while in her imagination.There she was talking to him,smiling and cracking jokes with him,piling him with her stories of her make-belief world she lived with the King,happily ever after..


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