Verdict 2014- Is it the new Doom?

I was in the ninth standard and was travelling to Orissa in an AC coach with my family (for the first time) to visit the place my dad was posted at. My excitement was at its peak and I watched wide eyed the mileu of people pouring in at the hugely crowded Howrah station. 
While boarding the train,I remembered that my project was due after vacations and so I hit the newspaper stands for a copy of India Today. I was afterall covering the “Godhra Carnage”. 
As our train chugged out of the platform,I awaited to embark on a journey brimming with unbridled joy. Later that night,I decided to start working on my project and I was introduced to a world of horror. The gory details of the riots in Gujrat. The blood. The rampage. The deaths. My little joyride soon turned into this baggage of questions- why? how? 
I had never understood how religion can topple humanity? I still fail at it. Is a man slaughter legit because religion is at stake? I questioned the man at the helm of the state..what did he do to stop all this? Why weren’t the minorities provided protection? All of a sudden I had this enormous wrath building within me towards this man.
Over the years nothing much has changed. Perhaps the Supreme Court has given him a clean chit,perhaps the educated glitterati who were once dead against this man have joined hands with him, perhaps the people of India have bought his mountain of promises and hope; but I still remain skeptical. He is our PM. And I dread in fear. I hope my concerns turn false as I want a Nation where development doesn’t come at the cost of disseminating hatred towards a community. I donot want a leader who is farce and a hypocrit, one who talks about driving out the people who came into India during Partition because I donot understand boundaries and LOCs- what is it if not man made and political? I hope people who banked on this man who has thrived on publicity to make it this big,are not let down. A century old dynasty rule goes down to a man whom I have an ever growing hatred towards. It was literally a choice between the Devil and the Deep blue sea.
I hope for a better India.


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