Defining Emotion…

How does one define emotion? Let’s see. Emotion is when you let go of the inhibitions to surgeahead, emotion is when you decide upon something however adverse the conditions are.Emotion is when you associate yourself with others- objects, animals, people.Emotion is when you fall in lovewith someone overlooking their age,status and position.Emotion is feeling hurt and neglected when that someone doesn’t care for you,even though they are completely unaware of your feelings.Emotion is that oodles of happiness when they unknowingly or unmindfully tell you things that makes your heart skip a beat. Emotion is the concern for them so that they donot get drenched in the rain,the pang of grief when theyare unwell,the noticing of small little things to lessen their burden,the unnotified jealousy when they spend too much time with someone else,the pouring your heart out to them,the writing poems for them.Emotion is to own everything that is theirs even though they donot belong to you.Emotion is not being selfless,it is finding self in others. It’s being selfish but in the process losing your identity.


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