Interim of a dream about to end..

Eyes wide open,I stare at the ceiling of my barely lit room and try to follow the course of the fan hanging overhead..its dizzying and futile. Just as is many of my thoughts.I realize the hands of my teeny tableclock have been hurrying past each other in an attempt to touch dawn the quickest and I find that lonely crow dozing off,his beak perched in his neck..even a few weeks after he lost his companion..perhaps waiting or having moved on or neither.I wonder what I have been upto if not caught in this infinite loop of cannon balling and waiting? Thoughts wane but hopes live on..however baseless,however insane,however weird..they are the ones I look forward to living tomorrow.Worrying little that a few tomorrows later I would look back and try to reach out and relive my yesterdays..theones I’m living now- of stupid smiles,of silly little what-ifs,ofmomentary triumphs,of unconditional love,of hopeless latching onto can-this-be-trues!


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