A new beginning…

Today was the first of many new beginnings..One journey that I had thought to venture upon many-a-time,but never had the heart to be on. 
Today I begin to tread on this seemingly difficult path,unaware if I can reach the end of it. 
When it comes to mind what prompted me to take the step,I fight hard to keep my tears in check. Maybe all was an illusion,a mirage in a brazen land. Perhaps I had lingered way longer on a singular thought of idealism. Or maybe I was selfish enough to live in momentary happiness,ignoring a gory future ahead.
Today is the first of many beginnings- of frozen emotions,of melting dilemmas,of strengthened resolves,of looking away instead of towards.
Today is the beginning of new endings..a harried script,scribbled with high strung feelings and a quivering mind.


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