Forgotten Not…

She thought that she could get over him..all she had to do was remind herself of the instances she had been hurt.Bruised,cut deep inside. What she ignored was that he had become a way of her living. Even when she was broke with grief,a single conversation with him would sweep her off her feet,melt her resolve. 
She knew he was not at fault,she had risen her bar of expectations too high over the past years. She expected him to understand her silences,the phases where she was high-strung by his prejudice. He failed at it most of the times. But what irked her more was the way he simply looked through her at times,not even acknowledging her existence.
She knew ‘he’ was her mistake and in order to correct her mistakes,she set course on making another. She thought she would put her griefs behind by embracing happiness. 
He made her cry,made her bitter,she spew anger and resentment..but he was like the calm after a morbid storm.The smile he brought on her face shone brighter than the tears. The way he looked at her,pierced her soul and she felt alive. And she felt that it was okay to get hurt for ages if she could live in these moments of unparalleled joy!
Perhaps she tried in vain to leave him behind or to find him in someone else. It would cost her the “idea” of him that had taught her how to be carelessly happy and unconditionally loving..


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