The Leap Year!

There comes a time in your life when you stop looking before you leap. You just jump,head-on without reason or thought.
Whether you hit a soft ground or you are left with a concussion in your head comes later..but the moment before the big spring there’s so much euphoria,such a thrill within to embark on an unexplored trajectory, that you forget there are always two sides of a story.
So, what happens when you are ready for your big leap and the other end isn’t prepared for it? You somersault in mid air and drop in a no man’s land with a bruise as big as the African continent!
You realize its a big mistake but since you have already committed it,there’s no going back and so there you are stranded- cold,vulnerable and confused. Dazzled at how crazy you are and questioning whether your insanity was worth the fall.


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