The never ending loop…

Change is the only constant,that’s what I have heard. So,people change. They evolve. For some it happens gradually at an agonizingly slow pace while for the others its an overnight transition. Whats ridiculous is when the same person is subjected to these two extremes of change. The outcome is hilarious! 
So you have this person slowly fighting it out to keep her emotions in check,that somehow inflated for a completely inappropriate person (meaning not the person but the status) for over two years. And the same person on a Friday night just weeks ago, in a cruel twist of fate, pins her emotions on another person who again is in a non negotiable relationship. Comedy of errors,much? 
So you wonder what went wrong and you realize people doesn’t really change,their perspectives do. The above subject is the same clueless and distressed person who used to look at two people in distinct manners. But a decision to correct things lands this person in an even murkier soup where this person isn’t being able to get over the first and can’t ignore the stupid cravings for the second. And to make the situation even worst or should I say funnier this person is committed to a third, which technically should be the first! 
So basically change is a pattern. It hits the same person in a similar manner so they go on taking similar ludicrous decisions. Change is a never ending loop of endless running away and moving towards..


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