A closed chapter…

There will always be a select few whose advent in your life will remain a big mystery.They might not be the usual people whom you can hit it off with instantly, might be lacking most of the qualities you look for in a person close enough to be cherished or might be a far cry from your ideal.

But somehow they manage to eat at the barricades and enter the forbidden land and make a cozy room for themselves in your most vulnerable locale- the throbbing red. For most part of their stay, you remain bedazzled. You can’t make up your mind whether to let them stay without rent or to forcibly evict them. Caught in this doldrums,you end up making them feel at home. And they begin to grow on you,no longer reminding you of an intrusion.

They start seeming like the reason to smile about,important enough for your tears,cause to look forward to the next day,worthy enough to be on your mind 24×7. You trust them with your deepest secrets,ambitions,dreams and the darkest fears and they don’t fail you. The person with whom you loved to disagree suddenly becomes your favorite. And then comes a day when you realize that none of it makes any sense- their presence in your life, infiltration into your mind, them always playing on auto mode, they controlling your mood..

You stare at the stark differences of your philosophies,the wide gap in your train of thoughts and you gasp in disbelief.And just like that,on the night of enlightenment, they descend from that podium you had placed them on and slowly walk away into oblivion,never to return again..but leaving behind an ache and a tear hanging desolately by the corner of your eye..


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