An obtuse faux pas!

How often do we indulge in stupid activities and end up ruing it for a fair share of time? They,however, fade away with time or with another act even more stupid.
Once in a while, though we end up making one stupidity that becomes a life changer. Whats funny is that it kills you maybe, strangulates you with grief but not even for a fragment of a second do you regret it.
However vague,it seems to be that one mistake that you are willing to make, willing to risk your life upon. And you are fully conscious of its consequences- that you will probably end up miserable, losing all that you have been sustaining upon, and the worst of all, your dopiness won’t even make sense to the cause behind it.
So what do you really do when the future is as clear as the lake in Switzerland,where you can see the pebbles of certain doom underneath? You continue engaging yourself further!
Your doltishness becomes like quick sand,once you get trapped in it there’s no going out. And funny as it may seem, you do not mind being sucked into the vortex of nothingness!
And all those dozes of self respect that you grew up on, that indomitable spirit of fierce independence you harnessed for the more than two decades of your lifeline, just melts away when you find yourself unable to keep away from the stupidity! The sheer magnanimity of the absurdity looms large and yet you seem helpless-going back and forth on that one stupidity that changed how you knew yourself and life as a whole..maybe forever!


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