I had a dream within a dream..a dream of my forever.
A forever that would all be mine to stay and never fade away.
Away it will take all my worries and pain and never leave me astray.
A smile on my lips and a spring in my steps, a blush on the cheeks and a twinkle in my eyes.
A forever that will live within me until the day I die..
But alas dreams are worth when the eyes are shut, as my forever turned out to be a bubble that burst.
I had a dream within a dream for a forever that I won’t own.
A forever that would soar high in the sky with air beneath it’s free wings.
For forevers are not always about attainment, neither it’s a shackle captivating a soul.
My forever was different, different than all.
But woe be me it wasn’t understood and trampled at its behest,for they thought my forever had too little days.
It now lies somewhere gasping for its breath and lo! my heart feels heavy as my forever sinks within it in dismay.


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