I carry you in my heart…

Well it’s time for me to leave,leave you behind for good..
All the happiness that you weaved into memories I wish I could,
Take with me and build a lovely present where there’s no crumbling expectations neither love falling apart.
Just a beautiful present crafted with smiles,care and a compassionate heart.
Together we could,I thought, help each other grow;
Out of our prejudices and superstitions and all the thoughts that dragged us low.
I thought we were happy but didn’t realize it was just me, for you looked stifled with all the love that raged like a mighty sea.
For I knew not how to contain it,how to behave like I didn’t mean it.
But I do not repent, I do not blame as it’s hard to find a heart worthy enough to love at all.
I found it in you and kept it close to mine.
But then it’s time for me to leave,leave your heart behind..
For I didn’t realize that there are rules and boundaries,to keep love at bay;
That one had to think before falling in love and I learnt that the hard way.
Thus,I leave you behind but carry the love with me,

For people change with seasons but once love decides it just stays,locked without a key…


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