Can you feel the peace within when you stop being in denial and finally learn to accept? Accept the hard biting truth that may in the long run make you writhe in pain but the one that makes you realize of the now, which is spectacular.
Acceptance despite of the possibility that love would stand you up and there could be unfathomable amount of grieving at getting no reciprocation. The realization that what was actually keeping you from cherishing an emotion, that only exists to make you insurmountably happy, was a simple ignorance on your part.
The ability to see that it was your denial that kept you thinking that all the right boxes haven’t been ticked.

And once you accept that,you find that everything is so perfect and that it was meant to be and you find comforting yourself that whatever happens tomorrow, live in this today. Because these now’s are special. These now’s are happening because they were a way of protecting you from hurting too much. They were meant to steal your sorrows and tears and stow them away,shovel your insecurities and the apparitions that you put up for the world to see,deep below the ground.
Acceptance is taking a step forward to live those beautiful now’s, to make a fresh start and to believe everything happens for a reason,mostly good.


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