The mighty truth…

Realization doesn’t seem to seep in through the impervious hearts of some.
Perhaps they choose to live in denial or make it an excuse so that they donot need to take responsibility of the situation which demands so.
It may make their lives easier but turns that of the other’s upside down.
The thin line between truth and make belief appears to faint further..
Why does it become so difficult for someone to accept the truth in its bizarre, wildly impossible demeanor?
Why does one assume that truth will always make sense,look pretty and follow the right course?
Can’t truth be crooked and brooding?
Truth can be diverse,obscure, unexplainable and downright ridiculous.
Truth can be bold and adventurous and astonishing.
Truth can also be blasphemous, patronizing and adulterous.
But nothing can take away it’s identity -that it’s true.
How often do we step back,afraid to face that slice of truth so deeply embedded in our soul that we need to dig deep to unearth it?
Why do we keep waiting in the wings for unveiling it,postponing it as long as we can?
For truth once planted in our hearts will germinate as realization. It will blossom into a tree that will spread it’s branches and come out ripping our hearts.
Truth is painful as most books tell us.
Why do we put off the event long enough to evade the pain?
Maybe we all are afraid to die,so we keep pushing ourselves to embrace life.
But what we forget is that death is not painful,life is.
In all its majestic glorification, life is a mosaic of pain and joy. The former making the joys more cherishable.
But we believe that keeping the pain away we can escape truth. But truth is we can’t,it will hit us like a realization. Always. Sooner or later.


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