To three years of my PhD life!

Today is the day which marks 60% of my PhD journey (considering it’s 5 year tenure)! It’s been a bizarre year interspersed with intense joys and profound sadness.There were moments of unmatched euphoria and before I the trance could linger, ambitions came crumbling down like a pile of ashen dreams.
I got promoted to SRF and got some accolades, but there were moments of utter hopelessness as I slipped into depression. But I rejoiced in my fellow scholars’ and seniors’ belief in me as I was bestowed with some responsibilities at a point when I was losing faith in my capabilities.
Productivity was a steep sine curve as I reached the zenith and then came crashing underground. PhD teaches us a lot beyond the scholastic realms. I grew as a person,learnt some hard ropes of survival, and recognized my flawed counterpart.
Maybe this lull was required for me to reflect on what’s important in life.I gained some and lost much more.I tried to clench my fist to hold on,but saw expectations slip through my fingers.
I got a great bunch of friends but somehow (maybe) lost out on my best one. This year showed me more than any year,the uncertainty of times. Be it work, relations or expectancies. But it also made me realize that I was cut out for this field and I would rather be in Lab 250 than any other place in the world!
3 years has been a long toil,a lifetime of learning, some forever lessons, some remarkable memories and some unforgettable people. It has been one exhaustive and tremendously cherishable journey.


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