There are very few moments which really stays with us for a long time. The happy ones, that
is. We really have to drill deep to revive our happy memories. The less happier ones? They dwell at their will,making an entry into our
conscience,exiting as a drop of tear from the corner of our eyes and finally resting in the folds of a hastily drawn out napkin-smudged
with the pain and concealment.

The happy ones remain shy and aloof,probably wary of our contentment. But when they do
come to our mind, they often make us pine.
They remind of a version of us that has lost in the act of getting real. Those smiles that were not forced,those exchange of words which weren’t a mere formality, those waking up nights and pouring our hearts out and finally
going to sleep content. The happy memories make us realize of what is lost and perhaps can never be gained. Of those gestures that
made our hearts melt but couldn’t be reconstructed back to being functional. They make us realize of unfulfilled wishes, lost love
and abandonment.

Unfortunately our happy memories, when they come to mind,ends in remorse graver than the ones which the bitter ones left behind.


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