Journal entry of a girl -2

She stared blankly at her laptop screen. A few months ago,she would be playing one of those
ridiculous quizzes and games on the social networking sites with her best friend. Now,she has to converse with him formally, through emails. Though he sits next to her.

She laughed and sighed remembering how he would bug her to come to lunch even when she wasn’t hungry or attending some seminar. How he would never leave without telling her. Now she returns to see empty desks and goes hungry at times.

She pretends not to care too,but then she does wish for things to go back to as it was. A few weeks back,she didn’t think that the relationship had broken beyond repair. Now she knows that the damage has been done.

She missed him..though he was not out of her sight,but the distances had grown much wider
between their minds. Just like the wide gap separating their desks now.

She was a strong, independent woman but strangely she felt a crucial part of her life had fallen apart with his ignorances.

The silences were deafening. It drowned her desperate screams. Awkwardness shrouded ominously. Instances flashed by and she was reminded of all the bitterness that had build up,one disbelief at a time.

Maybe some people are not destined to stay in our lives,she thought. Maybe they just come and leave mosaics of happy memories.
But even when tears clouded her vision,and she choked up at how indifferent he had become, sge always thought he was different. That he was there to stay…


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