Friendship Day ’14

Friendship-that’s what is being celebrated all across the globe today and it makes me ponder about my little constellation of friends.I have been lucky enough to get some terrific friends in every walk of my life and I would like to raise a toast to all of them!
To my oldest friend-to the times we started going to school together,the birthdays we celebrated together (though we were different dates),our playtimes,the growing up together through laughter,pain and heartaches..Thank you for being my bestie and my pillar of strength!

To all my friends at Modern School-for the more than two decades of inseparable bonding,for being so patient and forgiving for all the times I missed out on a plan,for including me always in your little getaways,for all the fun and memories..thank you!

To the three most amazing women that I have ever known during the phase of life when people said you cannot make good friends.. It’s been such a lovely journey with you guys that it never seems to be just 6 years of knowing you.. Thank you for being my home away from home,literally! ‪#‎ACID‬

To this weird but great person I bumped into at the most difficult period of my life and career.To our constant arguments, not being on the same page EVER, to the quiet submission many a fights later, to the silent care, to being my best friend at work. Thank you for making my life annoyingly delightful!

To the most invigorating person I have ever met-Thank you for being so accessible and absorbing, for patiently reading all those long letters, for making me believe that I can share my worries with you,for being an amazing listener to my woes. Thank you for being the best advisor and mentor a scholar can get!

To my best friend and soulmate. I have no words that can bring out the essence of how indebted to you I am. Thank you for conjuring a new life for me and sticking around through the thick and thin,Always.

And lastly,to my inspiration,my reason to smile..thank you for being my forever friend! ‪#‎SRK‬

To all those that I didn’t mention in particular,it doesn’t mean I love you all any less. To all that I am not in touch with regularly, I hope we can continue where we left off.

Happy Friendship’s Day!! Cheers!


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