The journal of a girl -3

“How did it happen?How are you doing now?”,he asked frantically.
“Why do you do this to yourself, always crying over one reason or the other and hurting yourself.. Stay happy,na!”

At 3:30am in the night,she didn’t quite know whom else to say that she was sinking.She texted him with quivering hands.He replied back moments later.The familiar tune on her cell phone and the white screen light lit up her face.

“What made you cry now? Try these exercises, you will feel better.”

She didn’t feel better,but somehow she found a way of hanging on for some more time hearing from him.

“Feeling any better?How can you not keep your medications with you? Try to close your eyes and sleep. And let me know if you are not feeling good.”

For the next hour and half,he kept her was enough for her to make it to the hospital early morning.

The following day he kept her in high spirits,boasting about his cooking skills to prepare a meal for his family. He would bring some for her the day after,he said.

The sound of her heart beating vigorously broke her trance and brought her back to the present. She was sitting lonely amidst a small crowd of people- bathed in her sweat, unable to breathe. She felt that she would collapse by what seemed to be her world caving in from her expectations. She could hear him carefree and giggling, standing a few centimeters away. Somehow she was unable to understand whether her illness hurt her more or was it him?


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