Life after…

Leaving behind doesn’t necessarily equate to
moving on. Sometimes it spells stagnation.

Life for her would never be the same again. The drawer and cupboard had so much space in
them,it was stiffling. She had arranged and organised everything neatly. Just like she had made ample space for him to step into her life. Yet he moved out.

She changed her phone’s ringtone to a different song as it kept on reminding her of the “us” they
used to be. Except that the new song stirred her memories up even more.

She made a point not to stay in his sight when he left for the day. Yet she wished everytime that he
would stay a little longer.

She no longer texted to him yet she always checked when he was online the last time.

She conciously stopped thinking about him,but all she could write about was him.

She decided to leave everything behind as he had started to dictate her mood, her decisions, her life
as a whole. Staying apart, he still did so. Her life had come to a stand still,she seemed to be rooted
to the idea of “him”..


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