An open letter to time!

Dear Time,
Will you let me walk back a few miles with you?
For I want to start a few things anew.
Donot worry for I won’t delete nothing. Just make a few ammends to my feeling(s).
Then I would still have with me the person who had always been by my side till now. And not the
one who backed out on his vow.
For what you made me learn the past year was to hide the honest emotions. Being true to oneself
and the others only adds to commotion.

Let me walk back a while with you to search for the happy two.
That got lost in the way to lie apart separated by misplaced faith.

Let me walk back with you or let me get over this throbbing pain real soon.
For all I want is to bring back the notion of us together not in words but in deeds.
But I fail again and again only to rise up and try once more.
But I can’t get him back, for you have held him captive with you.
Free him for me and let me bring him back, for I cannot recognize the person he has become.
So opaque and indifferent like he hardly knows me.

So take me with you or make me forget. For it’s evil to let me trapped between the present and
past, in search of what I lost.


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