Of being broken and salvation..

Broken promises. Broken beliefs. Broken smiles.
In a world that is desperately trying to be whole,everything lies broken. Perhaps wishing that
some day, rays of hope will come streaming in through the cracks and fix the smiles, mend the

Hope; the entity which has been saving mankind, who are forever on the brink of endangerment, to
drive off the cliff and end the insufferable pain.

The pain inflicted by words which cut across your mind like shards of glass cutting through palpable
skin. Deep cuts.

Sometimes though,the words cut in so deep it stays put until it spreads like a gangrene which
consumes you up whole.

Disappointment is a small term for the people who aim those words at you. You feel cheated having
known them or having thought of them differently.

So the downslide from utmost care to utter indifference to the point of making you feel cheap, comes in fast.

But funny as it is, you hold on to that version of them you had in your mind.
Hope sabotaging your chances of breaking free from the constant loop of what is and what is not.


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