The veiled word

The most dubious word according to me is NO.
For it could mean things which it is not intended for.
People say no all of the times, when all they want to say is “Coax me a little more and I am all yours.”
They break your heart and yell out no,while high fiving them selves for making you beg.
Some people get a strange sense of superiority saying no. To everything. Even when there’s
nothing wrong in it,even when it’s perfectly do-able.
To change, to solving issues, to face the problems- all you say is a No. Because you think that’s your escape route. That’s the one way
ticket to avoid confrontation with the truth.
Sometimes you say no because you want to put an end to the pitiable condition you are in. While
all you do is delve much deeper into your woes.

A No hurts, it squishes you terribly so much so that you feel the pain in parts which you didn’t even know existed. But sometimes, it also gives you hope that it’s a yes in disguise.


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