On idealism (or my ideal man)

I think everybody have a certain set of ideals or ideologies in their lives.It could be a notion,could be some belief,or (in this case) a person. One shouldn’t
confuse between an “ideal” person and a “perfect” person. Perfection is universal, idealism is on an
individual basis. I am not saying that my idea of an “ideal” man is “perfect”. He has flaws,he doesn’t
fit into my ideologies (that of being a non smoker and non drinker),his actions very often than not breaks my heart..yet he is the closest to the image of a “man” that I had drawn in my head,growing up.

An Ideal according to me is something or somebody, after getting acquainted with whom you would not think beyond that thing or person. You will not ponder over what is missing in that person, neither will you wonder how to get over his “imperfections”.

An Ideal is somebody with whom you would want to live as long as you can. Again,I emphasize,it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be living happily ever after (which is a state I do not believe can ever be
achieved). You will be hurt,angered,your heart might
writhe in pain…so much so that you would want yourself to shut out from the world..but you would
never want that person to go away.You would never wish that you are better off with out that person.

Finding an ideal person is getting close to finding neverland..And I believe that the person I call my
ideal is that neverland,which many might not believe exists, but it actually does. And strange enough I knew he was my ideal man when I stopped hunting for imperfections in him. When I found that he is so
compatible with my thoughts,that he can (could) read my mind,that he does (did) things that I wished
to ask him,but never mustered enough courage,I knew my imaginations and thoughts from the pages of my old,dusted diaries have taken shape in this incredible person whom I would never want to leave.
He might have “changed”,may have got new found
“interests”,might have given me so many reasons to
start hating him,but I NEVER from the bottom of my heart can think about staying away from him.

When he smiles at me,it takes away all those grudges,and tears and pain(s) and I stand looking at
him and thinking how will I ever stay away from him? I know about the improbability of my imaginations, and I have never even thought of “owning” him. I have never thought of a “relationship” with him. But,I often wonder what will I do without him?

“I ask myself why, and in that same breath as I watch you, I get my answer.It’s just everything
about you. But more than that, it’s everything about me. It’s everything about the way you make me laugh, cry, smile, and hurt.It’s everything about the way you make me feel.And that’s everything that I cannot, and would not, want to let go of.”

That’s when you know you have met your ideal one.


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