Changed Perceptions.

As a child, I used to think that higher degrees helps one not only to gather knowledge and
expertise but also teaches to be more humane, approachable and dignified. As I grow older I find myself defying my own beliefs. I find myself recalling the classes of my school teachers, some of whom were not even post graduates but fail to bring to memory any of the recently attended classes by multiple degree holders.

I find a doctor who just has a humble MBBS degree being infinitesimally better over the foreign returned posh degree holders. Not only in his diagnosis but the manner he deals with his patients, the first step to which is he stops making us feel like one. And importantly he isn’t money minded even when the visit is very meagre. I find a newly graduated scholar much more willing to help and share that an already
established scientist who has really nothing to lose.

Knowledge doesn’t necessarily equate to compassion in today’s world. It mostly remains as a fashionable degree or a title hanging in front of the names that people love to bask in.
# phdliferealizations


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