She v/s She.

Life had come to a standstill. Days passed,hours flew and minutes raced ahead; but she remained static. Unaffected by the rush surrounding her. The rush of changes- care turning to indifference, love to hatred, promises to silences. Half a year later,she still found it difficult to come to terms. She desperately wanted to break free, but found herself anchored to her past much to her agony. She tried to uproot herself and plant where she belonged. But she had forgotten how to be on her own,a parasite she had become. The shades had gone and the scathing sun burned into her soul. Little by little she felt death eating into her core. The vastness of disbelief consumed her whole,for she never thought change would hit the relationships she built one care at a time. Fate smiled her cruelest and destiny harped a sad tune, as she descended into stagnation. She helplessly saw time race by with full steam but could not move ahead with it. For she was still holding on to the words that was whispered into her mind. She found them fall and break with utter indignation each day, she realized it was so brittle that it could not handle a single crisis; but still she was unable to leave it behind. She was caught in a time warp- she was caught at a point in her struggle where she was neither capable of winning nor willing to give in.


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