The Hard Fought Battle

Some memories are too hard to fight with; We try to find escape routes, many of which seem feasible and some even holds promise to bail us out. But at the end of the day, we find ourselves staring at the by gone trying hard to recognize who we were and what we have become. Some memories are too hard to fight for; We hold on to the minutest of happy ones, magnify our hopes and build up a false “maybe” which keeps us coming back to the lost cause. But time and again, indifference and ingratitude to those beautiful have beens brings our maybe(s) crashing down to can-never-ever-be(s). Some memories are too hard to fight against; We try to find replacements, try to make new memories, try to redefine how happiness is spelled. But we end up recreating those old ones. We end up searching for bits and pieces of those in different people to build up that one whole person. And we fail miserably. We end up getting ourselves new hobbies, new friends, new habits and we think we are happy. But all we really do is run away from those bizzare but absolutely heartfelt memories and trap ourselves in this giant spring. The harder we try to pull away, the stronger we go back to the point where we had started running away from. And we keep waiting for the day when finally the elasticity would wear out and we would be free, again.


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