August- The Beginning of an End…

18th August, 2014

When you think that you have got a nearly balanced life,emotions decide to topple it. It jumps on to the scale and ups the complexity.

When you think that you have got a nearly balanced life,emotions decide to topple it. It jumps on to the scale and ups the complexity quotient and viola! You land up in a perfectly screwed up situation.

And so the mind decides to latch on to the one person who was this great support and it’s appetite increases..

For all those moments of silences, the walking you back home at midnight, the patient listening to all your pent up stories, the unspoken understandings, the submission to your whims..

The funny thing about these emotions were it knew that it was born to live a very short life..that one day it’s hopes and aspirations are going to get crushed under the burden of practicality. Yet it refutes to give up.

Instead it adorns a happy garb of concealment but sheds silent tears..not because it’s afraid of hurting as that has happened before,but because it had become greedy of the yesterdays that would satiate it’s soul.

19th August, 2014

Sometimes in life, you have to make some choices albeit difficult ones.
The choice between a person who has failed us and the person whom we still believe them to be.
The choice between an irrepressible liking and the “good friends” emotions.
The choice between revealing the insufferable pain and concealing it behind brave smiles.
The choice between a present which is honest but hurting and a joyous past spent in oblivion.
The choice between the abstinence and seeing through’s and the unexpected calls and dropping in hi’s.
The choice between being true to your emotions but in the process losing the person and keeping it veiled under the garb of everything-is- al right and to get to be with them.
Sometimes all it comes down to is priorities -the person or your true feelings and you know you have to make that call before it’s too late…

19th August, 2015

Nobody understood the power of time better than her. The plague hit their friendship last August. One year down the line, it lies on its death bed. The noose had tightened too much for it to breathe any more. Misplaced trust, disbelief, poisoned words.

It took her along at the pyre; she burned alone. He walked away seeing her alight.

Time had changed them both. He preferred to be with people he once disliked and made friends at the cost of her. She searched for him in the friends she made. Time had spewed enough venom.

Another year, she thought, and it will all end. From love to remorse to pain, the year had given her a fair share of agony. She wanted not to feel any more; to be numb.

She was waiting for the next year. Another August and an oblivion.


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