50th Birthday!

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Dear My-Forever-Love,

It happens to be your 50th birthday and I am here writing to you the same way that I do for the past 15 years now. On your 49th, I had envisioned to celebrate your golden jubilee with grandeur. I had cooked up several plans to make it extra special.. But here I am today celebrating it in a manner that I do every year since I remember. Did that upset you? I hope not and I am pretty sure that you are kind of exhausted with the world going bonkers about today- channels pulling up special homage programs, social media flooding with “Reasons to love SRK”, “50 and still ruling hearts” and the likes of it. Here’s why I did not take that route. For each day in the last 19 years I have been grateful to have you around. For every single day that I remember, I have always poured my heart to you. I have fought for you when you were in your 30s and people thought your reign was over when a one film wonder seemed to capture the Nation’s imagination. I have stood my ground for you in your 40s when people thought that you were going through a “mid life crisis” because of the movies you were making. And I have still been opposing people, now that you are pushing 50, who thinks you are out-dated, old, repetitive and someone who “can’t voice their opinion” and apparently buys every award and recognition. You have remained the same for me year after year, every day. The same kind of special that you were when you were 33 or 42 or 49. So, today is as special or as routine as your other birthdays.

I want to thank you a little bit more than usual for seeing me through this year, though. During my messiest and my darkest, during times of absolute despair and heartbreak I think I have bored you immensely telling you sob stories again and again and writing to you over and over. For every moment of setback, you went on to do something in your life that infused me with a fresh zeal. You know how most are still trying to figure out why you motivate me so much! I just wish to tell them, come live my life and you would understand why! While I am standing clueless trying to figure out most people in my life, you have been my safe house where I can seek refuge on a stormy night or crawl in sipping on some hot coffee chatting the day away. You are my comfort and my awkwardness, my blessing and my divine intervention. You are my reason and my eccentricity, my three course meal and a midnight binge. You are my anchor, my stability when betrayal sways me away. You are my faith, my pride, my love. You are my everything.

Congratulations for the multiple awards you got in the past year which I will try to sum it up here- The Legion of Honour bestowed to the Interpol ambassador who also happens to be a Doctor Honoris Causa! You amaze me by your diversity, you know that right? And now you have lined up three movies over the next 10 months and let me tell you without the slightest of prejudice, all of them look stunning!

Take care of your health, PLEASE. Enough with the surgeries and injuries. Every time I hear about you getting hurt it tears me apart and then I am reminded of your picture perfect family and wonder how much they go through to see you in pain. I know you give your 500% in everything that you do, so you should give a 1000% attention to your health now. Your looks might be deceiving, but you are not getting any younger Mr. Khan.

So, here’s wishing you a stupendous 50th birthday! I love you a lot and you are the whole Universe to me. When I look at you, see you smile, all I am reminded of is that “This is happiness- to be dissolved in something complete and great”. With you around I celebrate myself and I sing myself. Thank you for being in my life like the way you are- infinite! Happy Birthday, Heartbeat.

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