On Hatred

Strong, vicious, loathings directed towards one; day after day. How much hate is required to wipe out the amount of respect, liking and appreciation accumulated over the years? If one can quantify emotions, I would say 547 days of concentrated hate. Every minute of being in their presence and every second of being aloof from them. 500 days of abhorrence takes away the appreciation; another 500 days maybe and that would take away another aspect that has been kept as a shield to reflect away the depreciation. 500 days is what it takes to erode a foundation built on 1100 days, one care at a time.

Does the sharp words, merciless abominations and at times banal stripping off of ones’s dignity qualify for forgiveness? Does it certify for forgetting the hatred and refocussing on what is good now and what was great at the beginning, but which spiralled down and fell flat at the face with time? How much can one swallow- how much of self respect and love can one bargain for absolution? How much detestation can out balance 1100 days of selfless and unflinching love?

I have endured 550 days and am on course the next milestone. Can hate outgrow the love, that’s the big question.


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