Ruined woman.

What peace do you get destroying others’ harmony?

Love you say, acts but like venom;

Spit in all the wrong directions.

Do not act like a person disillusioned by solitude.

Do not act like a wedge in their togetherness.

You are wretched.

You are wrong.

For every act of yours you justify,

You demystify evil.

Do not stoop so low.

Do not be the reason of some other woman’s sorrow.


Break down your being to bits; then stitch it up.

Make sure the pieces go back to where they should belong.

Fix it so the head pumps blood, the heart counts logic.

Tear yourself apart.

Ask yourself whether you can be forgiven.

Not by the State nor the people.

Ask instead, can you forgive yourself?

Can those impatient two years acquit you of your guilt?

Beg for her mercy, she might forgive.

But can you raise your standards in your own eyes?

Does her abuses absolve your sins?

Disintegrate your soul.

Smother every bit that spells love for that woman’s half.

Conscience, arise.


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