The Eighth Year Insight


People: needy, greedy, hunting opportunists.

People: who back out when the conditions do not suit them.

People: who use others as a dumping bin of their shallowness.

People: who go to any length to stick to their judgements.

People: who maltreat to satisfy their narcissistic desires.

People: who replace the ones who mattered when they stop mattering anymore as per their decisions.

People: who set conditions and boundaries like they are a piece of land being fought over for hegemony.

People: who are like acid attacks- they burn, they disfigure, they break one down; but they don’t kill.

People: who are like suicidal thoughts- cannot be abandoned, cannot be embraced.

People: who make others feel accountable for every wrong they commit.

People: who are poison to the soul; killing self esteem.

People: who are plaster saints, humbugs, impostors.

People: who do not deserve any bit of your endless devotion and affection.

People: who pretend to be your confidante when the conditions are conducive for them.

People: who manage to find trifle matters to lose all ties.


Avoid, run away, do not look back.

They kill you, you die and never rise above.

You see everyone else in the same colour as them;

And then never can you trust a man with your life again.


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