Au Revoir

Goodbyes are always difficult.

Even after the longest of hours waiting it out, it becomes tough to write a goodbye note.

Especially when one wants to bid adieu to their second skin.


Goodbye dear friend; thank you for all the smiles and care.

For all the sniffles and tear(s).

It made me realize that you are more than just a name, a mere face.


Perhaps I would never had let you go till reality slapped me hard across my cheek.

But all good things come an end, and I got to accept it soon enough.

It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of me; but your image should remain untainted.

Even when it was just a misunderstanding.

Even when it was just me.


I have wronged a large number of people and forgiveness I can’t ask for.

I didn’t realize love comes with such a heavy price.

I thought I could withstand all the test of times,

But I failed and laid down my guard for I had committed a heinous crime.

I didn’t try to steal or estrange you; though I chose to see you like I wanted to.


It’s true love is beautiful and forgiving and just.

But loving can hurt sometimes; it can be selfish and then we should let go of it, we must.


So, until then, when we meet in some other world;

Maybe I would be a better person- good, kind and whorled.

With virtues that wouldn’t let you down.


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