What would have happened if we would be strapped with some kind of a life-o-meter that would tell us how many days of life is left for us? Like the display of the electronic devices suggest. Would we have lived differently? Would we have embraced each day as it was our last? Or would we check frequently on our life and breathe at ease to find we are standing say at a 70%?

Would we have loved deeper, forgiven easily and repented less? Would the hatred have dissipated? Would we still be able to forget people who used to matter the most to us? Or would we cling on to them like they are our last straw of hope?

What happens when we find out that we are not going to live long? Do we embark on every possible adventure life has to offer or do we sit and sulk in remorse that we didn’t live a fuller life? Do we shed our inhibitions and dare to break boundaries? Do we voice every word that had been tucked away carefully under wraps or do we spend the remaining days in silence? Would it stop the meaningless fights at the expense of multiple excuses? Would it keep away the mountain sized egos trickling in between people who were once inseparable? Would it cut short the distances that keeps growing every time a care is replaced by indifference?

Would the dying seconds warrant us being more compassionate towards others? Would we appreciate the value of life more? Would we become more selfless and strive to live in harmony with the rest, irrespective of the “man made” differences? Would we learn to share and be more giving? Would we stop hurting others to satiate our own demons? Would we put the homeless and the ones we call home on the same pedestal? Would the thoughts limited to the lyrics of the likes of Lennon turn into reality? Could there be no borders or territories marked in the name of a community? Could we all think of life to be worthier than which clan, community, race, colour, species do the other belong to?

Could the life-o-meter instil in us the fear of mortality to large that it overcomes all pettiness and drives us to squeeze life so tight in our grasp that we forget to hate, to kill, to hurt,to disown?


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