Stranger than fiction

What do you want to be remembered as?

Someone who is treated like a door mat, where people go and clean their soils as and when they wish?

Or someone who carried their bruises with dignity and let go of all those who never intended to stay anyway.

What scares you? That you let go easily?

If today the world would come to an end and you would not get another chance to breathe, won’t it satisfy you that you tried? That you gave it your all to make things work?

Why are you hell bent on increasing the number of tries?

Is there an imaginary number in your head that would set off an alarm that this is the threshold of your efforts?

When you see a person who uses the slightest of pretexts to escape, know that they never wanted to make it work.

When you find the person trying to highlight your faults rather than encouraging your smallest of feats, know that their intention was never your betterment. Their purpose was to glorify their own stance.

When you discover that their needs and wants become so magnified that your pain and hurt become invisible, know that their compassion towards you in the past was a fake show.

You have to come to terms that if you are the only one wanting to resolve things, their objective was never to come back. Ever.

Whatever excuses they might put up, all those garbs of “I want you to be on the right path” is just a way of telling you that you do not match up to their standards any more, and you might just as well shoo off.

When they cite an excuse of their religion or the general humanitarian grounds to talk to you, know that that is the biggest alarm sign for you to run away as hard and fast as you can.

You need to accept the fact that it is only for your own purpose that you can’t let go of these people, they wouldn’t have the slightest of trouble to do the same and perhaps they have done it long back as well.

So, stop crying yourself to sleep every night and waking up in the middle of nowhere thinking that your life has lost it’s meaning without these set of people.

You had a life for 25 years, when they were ancient history, when you didn’t even know them. If you could survive and function properly then, you can do it again.

Quit thinking that they are instrumental parts of your life. Truth is, nobody is. Everybody leaves. Forever, is a concept best suited for novels and fiction. It is farce in reality.

The only ones that are truly your well wishers and who would never abandon you in reality are your parents.

All the remaining ones who once said a lot of inane stuff that might seem like garbage to you or to them even now, will flee at the drop of the hat.

Refrain yourself from getting so intertwined with these people that you lose your identity and the ability to take a stumble.

Do not empower them so much that they start to dictate every aspect of your life.

Remember the ones who you love the most, kills you in the worst possible manner.

It never mattered to them what your emotions were and it never would matter.

So, be content with your feelings and keep it to yourself. Do not beg to these people to stay.

If you have had to coax them to stay for more than one occasion, they are not worth your time and self respect.

Let them be in their world happy and content.

Leave. And don’t think that it is necessary to let them know of your exit.


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